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Wallpicscanvas Privacy Policy

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This information deals with the details of the policies offered by Wallpicscanvas about your privacy. What data you have shared will be stored there. And are they allowed to share it or not?

And whenever there is any change regarding the privacy policy, they will let you know.

Who are we?

We are a famous brand that provides you with high quality photo tiles. You can contact us to get your pictures on photo tiles. 

Are we bound to provide you with Information?

No, you are not. But if you will not. We cannot provide you with services otherwise.

How do we collect Information?

We will only have access to the Information you will allow us to. For example, if you are allowing us to have access to your phone storage, google, and from a third party. We will be able to have all this Information stored in the given apps.

What Information do we collect?

We basically have Information about your contact number, email, name, and photos that are to be used, along with the history of data and payment information. However, we will not be able to have the number of your credit card.

Though we collect some of the Information which is unidentifiable, it is stored separately and only there if we need it for any use in service.

What if the age of the customer is under 18?

We only provide the service to the ones who are above 18. Even the children are not allowed to use it. Yes, parents are allowed to get orders for the photos of their children, but only with their permission can we use the given information or photos.

How can we use the given Information?

We only use the Information for our work. Otherwise, we do not have any other need for them. For example, if we have taken your contact information, it’s only to get used for the delivery, and if you are using your photos, it’s to make Wall pics tiles.

What security do we provide for your Information?

We encrypt all the data to ensure its security. No one else would be allowed to have access to it except ourselves. And we use the best servers, which check from time to time about the privacy of the Information.

Who can have access to your Information?

First of all, as we have discussed, we do not allow others to have access to your Information. But only the persons related to work like; employees, contractors, and some apps like Apple, AWS, and DeltaDNA, and this Information too would be provided only to their needs and under given rules and policies.

Can you review the Information?

Yes, you can.

Can we contact you?

Yes, but it will only be related to the services. We will let you know via email about any updates in services or privacy policies, promotions, etc.

Do we notify about any issue related to data?

Yes, we will let you know about it and will give them the Information required.

What can you do if you come to know that your Information has leaked?

You can let know us via email at